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Frequently Asked Questions

What vaccinations does my dog need to come to Howling Peaks?

We require Parvo/Distemper and Rabies for Training

We require Parvo/Distemper, Rabies AND BORDETELLA  for daycare and boarding services.

What do I need to schedule my dog for daycare or boarding?

We need you to have a pet profile created. You can create a profile HERE Your dog must undergo a 4-hour temperament test. You can call us to schedule this 336-3647. We do not board dogs the same day as their temperament tests. 

What should my dog bring when boarding?

You should bring any medication your dog needs and your dog's food. If you would like to bring a bed or blanket and a toy you  can! We have beds, blankets and food bowls that we provide.

How old does my dog have to be to attend daycare?

You dog must be 12 weeks old and have 2 rounds of Parvo/Distemper and Bordetella. 

Does my dog have to be spayed or neutered?

Males over 6 months old must have a vasectomy or be neutered. Females are not required to be spayed, but we cannot accept females in heat. 

Do you require Flea and Tick treatment?

We require Flea and Tick treatment year round. Flea and Tick treatment is a monthly application. We sell Frontline here or you can bring your own. We just request that you bring it in for us to apply to ensure timely application.

What type of training do you offer?

We offer good manners training (obedience skills) and behavioral modification (reactivity, aggression, fearfulness, etc.)

What do I need to schedule training?

You need to create a pet profile and a Canine Behavior Questionnaire.  Once the questionnaire is received we will contact you to schedule.

Does my dog get to play with other dogs while boarding?

YES! All of our boarding dogs go into our daycare groups as part of their boarding stay.


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