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We are so excited to announce our new membership program!

Our Peaks Membership is $175 per month, billed monthly and includes great perks for pups and their parents!

Monthly Membership includes:

  • Daycare Report cards ($6-$100 value)

  • Biweekly nail trims ($30 value)

  • Monthly Flea & Tick Treatment (Frontline or Wondercide) | ($15+ value)

  • Priority booking for daycare (no waitlist/guaranteed acceptance)| (invaluable!) 

  • Priority waitlist for boarding at Lake Otis (move to the top of the waitlist) | (invaluable!) 

  • Participating in monthly activities at no additional charge (AP Class, monthly Pup Art project, Puzzle Day)| ($40-$160 value)

  • Pet Parents Empowerment *Trainer Time* (45 minutes with certified trainer to practice and/or get advice and questions answered) 2nd Saturday of every month! ($75 value)

  • 10% off Group Training Classes ($12-$20+ value)

  • Teeth Brushing once a week ($48 value)

  • Frozen Kong & Puzzle enrichment add-ons ($5-$150+ value)

  • 10% off Baths, trims, anal gland expression ($3-$20 value)


*Memberships are nonrefundable and nontransferable.

*One membership per dog.

*Memberships can be cancelled at any time.

*Membership requires regular attendance, dogs must attend at least one day a week for daycare.

*Membership does not excuse any participating party from our normal policies and procedures, including but not limited to cancellation fees.

*Services are not automatic; they must still be scheduled.

Memberships are available at both of our locations, give us a call to sign up! 

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